Day 1 of sewing

I started this morning with the finishing touches of the pattern and I was going to get started with the sewing but the machine refused to sew.
When I came back after work I was determined to get it fixed. I called my brother (the sewing machine owner) to see if he could help. It’s probably hard to troubleshoot without seeing the problem so he helped as much as someone on speakerphone could. He even text a picture from the manual but I still couldn’t figure it out! After Brendan (my boyfriend) looked at it and tried to figure out what the logistics of a sewing machine, he had no idea either. Then it hit Carlos (my brother) and I at the same time; the bobbin had crappy thread on it! So I changed the bobbin thread and it worked! I would pay lots for a machine to thread itself!
So now that it was working I was ready to sew! I finished the two sides of the bodice and they are both lined and pressed. It is starting to look like a real piece of clothing! That was exactly the reassurance I needed from the whole threading debaucle.
I also had my first joining of 2 fabric pieces as well as my first mistake and seam rip! Pretty eventful sewing day and I just started!


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