It began on a rainy day in April

I got 2 yards of fabric, a pattern and a sewing machine. I am starting with a summer dress. I picked out a white eyelet fabric and linen for the liner.
The liner pieces are all cut out. I wonder if I was supposed to keep the pattern pinned to each piece? I’m assuming no but I’ve never done this before so I’m kind of winging it.
I was having a bit of trouble cutting out the patterns with just plain scissors so I went out today and bought a rotary cutter. I am loving it! Martha Stewart is a genious! I saw it on her show and was skeptical but it had no problem cutting through 2 layers of eyelet fabric. Technology these days!
Also I stabbed my hand with a knife while de-pitting an avocado for lunch. It hurt and I cried! It’s hasn’t been a huge problem but I’m not really using my left hand to cut so hopefully it doesn’t get in the way while sewing.
More posts and pictures (when I figure out how to upload them)

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