Dress number 2!

I have gotten everything I need to start my next dress!

The first picture is the pattern and I will be doing Dress A. The bottom picture is the fabric, it’s a jersey knit in a really nice fuchsia color (didn’t come out well on my iPhone), it looks good with my coloring. I hope the knit isn’t too hard to work with I have a feeling I will have to be more careful with my seams. I also don’t want to get too cocky cause that’s when mistakes start happening!

While I was at the fabric store I also picked up 3 more patterns (they were $2 each!) But I will show them as I go along. Keep the suspense up, you know. The ladies at the fabric store may be my new favorite people. They are just the cutest! I met a really nice woman while looking through the pattern books and she gave me a few pointers.

1. Always buy your pattern on sale, that way if you mess it up it was just $2

2. The drawers are never in order so be sure to look twice for your pattern if you can’t find it.

Thank you anonymous woman! I hope I see her again maybe we can become sewing buddies!

I have also realized why I have started my sewing obsession. First I was really into baking, but that’s so fattening. Then I was into embroidery, but there are only so many towels that need cute designs. Then came crochet, but now that it’s getting warmer its silly to be carrying around yarn for mittens. Sewing is more practical and I will definitely be making things I can wear right now. I love instant gratification.

Off to bowl with friends then it is sew city tomorrow! (and possibly a new fabric store adventure)


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