Rookie mistakes.

Jersey knit is ridiculously annoying.

The dress I’m working on now has darts in the top and I did one and then the other but the second one was on the wrong side. Rookie mistake #1. I seam ripped it and it made a few holes. I could deal with holes but then I was sewing away the bodice front to the back and I realized the darts were on the outside! Rookie mistake #2. Grr.
So that whole top is basically trash now. I would go back to the fabric store and get more fabric to do the top again but I bought the rest of the roll and it was the only one of it’s color. Just my luck.
This could be a good thing cause now I can make the dress two colors like the picture. I am going to a different fabric store today so maybe I can find a cute print that matches. If not I have no idea what I’ll do with the rest of the pieces.
Maybe it’s the machine. The knit doesn’t really feed well through the foot so it gets bunched up and tangled.
Off to the new fabric store. Wish me luck!


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