I have decided to stop production on the jersey knit dress…
It’s disappointing because I have chosen a few patterns that use a jersey fabric because I love how knit dresses feel but I just don’t know how to work with it/don’t want to work with it.
I have decided today to take a sewing class just so I can be a little more confident with my start-up and the execution. I have the greatest fabric from my fabric store adventure and I was going to start a dress but the pattern was a bit intimidating to cut into. I don’t want to cut it out just to find that it isn’t going to look good when it is all together.
On a lighter note I found the best fabric store that I will be frequenting often. Its got a ton of different kinds of fabric and its cheap! I bought 10 yards of all different types of cotton and a cotton stretch and it was $27. Good deal. I am also having trouble finding a cool floral or polka dot print that I love. I have one more new fabric store to go to in China town maybe they will have one there.
Also note to self: Make a list before shopping. I keep finding myself missing a zipper or needing more thread or a bobbin.
Back to work tomorrow. We will see how much time I will be able to devote to sewing but I will try my best!


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