Dress 2 is done!

It’s true I finished my second dress today! I like it! It’s not the neatest execution but I am going to try really hard to make the third one awesome.

I am waiting for 3 new patterns to come so that I can start a different style. I can’t wait! I’d check the mail now but it’s fairly early and I think Brendan would think I was crazy.
I wish you could sew outside. It’s so lovely out but all I want to do is make a pretty dress. Maybe I can sew on my porch? Probably wouldn’t work. I guess I’ll just be a shut-in for my hobby.
In other non-sewing news I will be going on a week long cruise to Bermuda on Friday (!!!) Very exciting. I’ve never been anywhere outside the country let alone on a huge cruise ship! This is part of the reason I have been making just dresses. I have been shopping and I just can’t find anything I really want to spend more than $10 on.


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