Stitch house sewing class

It is exactly what I was looking for in a class!
The teacher is awesome! I think her name is Elizabeth and she is really helpful and seems very passionate about sewing. I have started a new dress and I will update my widgets when I get home. I have to get some lining and I want to cut out the pattern so I can start sewing next Tuesday. There are 4 other women in the class with me. A mother and daughter, a grad student and a girl from West Roxbury. The fabric and dress choices tell you a lot about the person making them and I will be very interested to see how their dresses come out. They have nice digital Singer machines so I want to try it out to see if I want to buy one.
I really hope that this dress comes out well. It’s a printed fabric and I plan on taking my time with it. I’ve already learned how to lay out the pattern on a print so now I will be learning how to sew it all together.
I have a feeling Tuesdays will be my new favorite week day!


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