Why am I not feeling the feeling of surprise!

Haha I love that quote! Its from Up!

Anywho update time.

I’ve been really slacking at taking pictures but I WILL finish the latest dress and take some this week. For cereal.

Also I was reading back and I mentioned that I was going to revisit the jersey dress that I wanted to kill. And yes, I still want to kill it. I tried to pick up where I left off and ended up ruining the whole bodice. Womp waa. I need to take that class again and I will bring the jersey-est (not a word I know but you get it) fabric I can find with a kind of difficult pattern so I can get as much help as I can. That is how I will solve the great jersey challenge of 2010.

My newest obsession is trying to find the perfect embroidery pattern for reusable lunch bags that I am going to make. I saw a really cute one that said “out to lunch” and another one with a knife and fork. Book marked and I will probably steal the idea.
I also want to make reusable sandwich bags. I’M SO GREEN.


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