A day off means sewing fun!

I had the day off and jammed to some Lady Gaga and got a few things done!

I recently purchased Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp at Urban Outfitters and I am so glad I did. It’s awesome if you want to get into sewing or if you already have and want some basic and easy patterns.

I read it cover to cover and got started on the “Foxy Boxers” for Brendan. Here they are! I found this cow print on sale and it is soft and perfect for boxers.
You can look forward to more from that book cause I pretty much want to make everything.
I also received some pretty cool owl place mats from my lovely friend Jess Watson. They were made in Venezuela (awesome) and they matched my couches (even more awesome) so I made pillows out of them!
This might be a new obsession. I’m sure there are a lot more adorable place mats out there that would love to be pillows!
Sorry I’ve been a slacker my lack of dress form has put a major pause on my dresses. I’ll have to tell Santa.


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