Summer means sewing

Hi again,
I have been in a sewing hibernation but I’m back! I’ve dusted and oiled my machine and I’ve even finished a dress!

I started with the Cynthia Rowley 2250. One word: headache. It was going pretty well then I realized the top band was upside down and backwards. At that point I was so sick of looking at the same 6 pieces that I set it aside for another day. I read multiple times that it was a lot of work and the outcome wasn’t really worth it so I might just use the lining as the outside and make a much more plain bodice. I like plain, it’s easy to wear everyday.
I then started on the simplicity pattern 236220110615-085014.jpg
It came out PERFECT! I made a 14 for the bodice and a 12 for the skirt and I can’t believe I didn’t need to take anything in at all. Also this dress has my first ever pockets and I’m in love. I think I’ll put pockets in everything.

I have been stock piling fabrics and patterns and I have 1/2 days for the next few days and all day Friday off. Next up:



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