A lesson in stripes


This is my first time working with stripes and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Cutting it out took much longer than I expected but I wanted to make sure everything lined up. I wasn’t sure about the outcome because I’m not totally in love with the fabric but it was $2/yard and it looks cute on.
I’m starting a new feature in my posts. (I want to say segment but that doesn’t sound right)
1. Awkward neck and arm facings- they don’t want to stay inside the dress and there’s no lining to attach it to. You just have to hope it doesn’t flip out.
2. A strange sequence of construction- you make the bodice and skirts first then you attach the front of the bodice to the front of the skirt and then the two back bodices to the back of the skirt pieces. Then you put it all together with one long seam, then the zipper and the facings. I have never put a dress together like this so I had trouble lining the zipper up and making the facing match up in the back where the zipper already was.
3. Pockets! Love them and they were pretty easy.
That concludes the segment of THIS PATTERN HAS.

I have to work at 4 today so I’m going to try and cut out a pattern and start it. Back to work on Monday so I won’t be able to sew as much as I have been but I want to!


Next up:



2 thoughts on “A lesson in stripes

  1. Pretty! It looks great in this fabric I love the stripes!
    I have recently been using this pattern too and I ignored the instructions because the did seem pretty odd. There is nothing worse than facings flipping out!

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