I miss my machine!

I’ve been so busy this week and haven’t been able to even touch my sewing machine!

My second job started back up again and we have had so much to do with planning our engagement party I have barely had time to sit down! I cant believe it’s already the end of June!

After the 4th I will be out at 1:30 on Fridays so expect updates! I have so many patterns that need to be made or I want to buy. Oh the possibilities!

I have the halter dress (from the previous post) all cut out, I now just have to put it together. I’m thinking the sewing will be pretty easy. There aren’t any complicated elements but we’ll see once I get started.

On a side note: my mom wore the dress I made for her to dinner last night and it looked great! The fabric I picked frays really easily so the back bodice is coming out at the midriff seam. (sad face) I’m thinking I’ll make the same dress in a sturdier fabric and leave it unlined for the summer. I wore my blue dress to dinner, so there were two Demi originals at the table!

I also received my first compliment from a total stranger this week. She asked me where I got my dress and I told her I made it! It’s definitely an awesome feeling wearing something you made that you know no one else will have.


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