As promised here is the pattern picture! Another project runway pattern from simplicity. I am really enjoying this line. Every pattern has a lot of possibilities and they are relatively simple to do. I’ve learned something new with each dress.
It’s now time for
• Flounces! The pattern piece looks like a circle with a little bit missing and when attached to the bodice it makes a lovely ruffle! The only catch is it takes a long tedious time to finish the edges. It tells you in one sentence what to do but that sentence took me about an hour to complete.
• A button closure for the halter top! My first experience with buttons went relatively well. When I wore the dress I had to make it a little tighter than I originally sewed it so I will be shortening the button loops soon.
• A lot of skirt pieces! The front and back had 4 each, they weren’t hard to put together but it takes more time because there are more than 2 seams to finish the skirt.
That concludes this segment of THIS PATTERN HAS!

Also a dress-in-action shot! It’s me and my fiancé Brendan. <3

I am working on a dress for my mother dearest. It’s her birthday on the 6th so let’s hope I have enough time to get it done before her birthday dinner. I finished the bodice today and it’s pretty cute! I’ll post a picture and update when it’s finished. Then I just have to get to sewing Friday, I have the whole day off so I plan on finishing a dress for myself. :D


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