A winner!

Remember this pattern?

I attempted to make it a long time ago but got distracted/stopped sewing for the winter. I tried to restart the one I set aside but it was before I discovered the finished measurement trick. Originally I cut out a 14 but I should have made a 10. Even in a 10 I still had trouble with the shoulder/arm pit area but all in all a great dress!

I love the ruffles on the neck. It took some time to set them up because I had to take 2 inches off of the shoulders.

This dress also features my first side seam pocket and zipper combo. It was definitely a little confusing but I found a blog post that really helped me figure it out.
This is the link if you need it.

I’m a visual learner so the one picture in the pattern instructions just didn’t help.


Definitely a dress that can bring my wardrobe into the fall!



3 thoughts on “A winner!

  1. HI! Great job on the dress. I’ve been looking at a lot of blogs of people who made the dress and so far, yours has got to be my vision of what this dress should look like. What I’ve seen so far is that this dress is made too baggy on the top and the bottom. What is it about the “finished measurement” trick you mentioned? And what kind of fabric did you use? Thanks!

    • Thank you!
      My trick is that I know I like a 37-37.5 at the bust so I see what size on the pattern’s finished garment measurement matches it and make sure the waist and hips of that size will fit me (it normally does but if it doesn’t you can mix sizes) It has been a trial and error discovery but I think you can measure something that you know fits you well and use measurement as a guide.
      I used a very basic cotton with a tiny bit of stretch in it.

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