Someone else’s dress!

As an engagement/birthday present to my lovely friend Nicki, I offered to make her a dress. I think I did this last year too but I just never got around to it, sorry beb!
We had a fitting this week and I was so relieved when it fit beautifully. It’s definitely nerve-wracking when you can’t try it on to make sure it fits while you’re making it, especially when you are using two different patterns.
The dress is the bodice from Simplicity 4070 and the skirt is from Butterick 4443 because the fabric we loved wasn’t wide enough for the skirt from 4070 but I think it came out perfectly!

Apparently last time I worked with boning I did it all wrong because this time it has it’s own casing in the bodice instead of just being sewn onto the lining.

I have also decided instead of a tag I will put this on my dresses:

20110902-062525.jpg It’s a tiny heart and I am in love with it.
I put the zipper and hem in yesterday and will be delivering it today so fingers crossed it all works out!


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