The jacket is done!

Here it is!
Now if only it was less than 80* outside I would be able to wear it.

It is time for…
• a totally lined inside!
While awesome feeling it was definitely the most challenging part of the jacket.


• my first buttons!
I had no idea how expensive buttons are. I saw some really cute ones but there were $5 for 2 and when you need 6 it adds up very quickly. Also this was my first time using an automatic buttonhole maker and it’s amazing.

• lots of slipstitching!
I had no idea how to actually slipstitch so after getting very frustrated with pretending how to do it, I looked it up.
Seriously,thank you to this person you saved my lining.

Here’s a shot of the back, nothing too exciting but I like the seam lines.

I have to add a few more buttons- the ones I got were the wrong size.
After that I will post a picture with it on and hopefully it will be outside!


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