It’s the end.

After 4 attempts of repairing my machine, I have decided to end it.

Brendan took it to the Sears repair center today and guess how long ago my warranty expired?
TWO months ago.
Isn’t that how it always goes?

They could look at it but it would cost $35 just to see what’s wrong and another minimum of $80 to try and fix it. My personal maximum to spend on this endeavor was $100. I know $15 extra isn’t that much but that is the line for me. I can now put that $100 towards a new machine that will be bought from a dealer that will be able to repair anything that breaks.

I was curious about the negative reviews (that I previously ignored) so I went on to Amazon and almost every one was just like my story. It worked amazingly in the beginning and then something happened with the bobbin or tension making it unusable. There were also comments about the Singer company itself and it’s lack of help or accessibility to dealers or repair shops. All suggested getting new/different machines and regretted their purchase.

My machine and I had some good times and I am sad to see her go, I honestly thought we would have more time!



2 thoughts on “It’s the end.

  1. Aw, so sad! Definitely a good way to reinvest that $100 though! Perhaps you should look into more commercial machines, since you certainly use it often and create amazing pieces!!

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