More bags!

This is a great bag!20120115-004841.jpg
I made one for my fiancé’s mom and sister. I love the fabric. I braved the crowds at ikea for these lovelies and for $7.99/yard I would say it was totally worth it (the whole bag is made with just 1 yard.)
And the folded down shot:

I’m going to start timing myself while I sew because the most asked question I get is “how long did that take you?”
Each bag took:

Lap 1 was cutting
Lap 2 was marking the fabric and getting my machine ready
The time on the very top was the active sewing time.
This bag took me 1 hour and 29.5 minutes to sew and a total of 2 hours from start to finish.
Since I’ve made this bag three times I have a few suggestions:
• mark the placement line on the front right side only
• sew the handle seam before the bias tape goes on
• finish the inside edges with a zigzag stitch along the three edges
More pictures? Okay!




I have plans to make Charley a dress either tomorrow or Monday, check back!


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