Polka dots for Valentines day!

Here it is! 20120213-220356.jpg
I still wish the dots were a bit bigger but it is definitely a great wardrobe builder! I tried it with a red ribbon:

Loved it.
Tried it with a bunch of cardigans:

Still loved it.
All in all, a success. And the back was pretty easy to alter, once I figured out the straps needed adjusting too. I was trying to wait for my dress form but I think it would be a good financial decision to wait until after the wedding.
Oh adulthood.

Good night and happy Valentines day!


5 thoughts on “Polka dots for Valentines day!

    • Hola!
      I’m Mexican too! My family lives in El Paso.
      The pattern is New Look 6824 but I cut the back much lower than the original pattern.
      Share a picture when you’re done!

      • :) ¡Qué bien! Oye he estado viendo tus vestidos y ¡qué bárbara! te han quedado preciosos. Lo malo es que aqui en Puebla solo venden New Look y Burda, hay unos de Amazing Fit que están hermosos pero aqui no los venden

      • No, I don’t own a blog, but I love fashion and dresses, I’d like keep following your new creations, are just great! greetings from Puebla

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