Wedding prep

Planning a wedding is time consuming!

We have 2 months left and all the little things are adding up both in time and in cash money, but don’t you worry we got this.

Momma Dukes and I went to the Boston Flower Exchange and I was very relieved to see that she will be able to make the flowers look gorg. We spoke to a lovely woman that told us everything we were seeing and loving will be gone in May (awesome.) We will just have to be flexible. Fine with me, I just want certain colors in different places so it should work out.
My wedding is also the Friday before Mothers day, the same day the florist normally get their flowers for the weekend. Greeeeaaaattttt. Luckily we can place a special order and not worry about fighting all the old ladies and gay guys. That’s not a stereotype. Those were the only people we saw on Saturday and I loved it.

Aren’t these adorable?! They are a definite contender.

We ordered the cake yesterday, the invitations go out this week, my next fitting is the week after and then it’s details, details, details!

I have my shower dress on deck but I have been making my bridesmaids gifts. I CAN NOT wait to present them and to show the world! They’re so cute I might just keep them for myself (just kidding, but maybe not)

I have early days for the next two weeks so I’m hoping to get my shower dress done and my rehearsal dinner under dress completed.

Time is of the essence!


3 thoughts on “Wedding prep

  1. Well it’s official….according to the Federal Government and the State of Massachusetts, I am in business. I Can Do Your Flowers is officially on the map. Here’s hoping that in 10 years we can look back and say….remember when we started this? Of course we will be sitting in a gorgeous little shop surrounded by yummy smelling flowers and pretty things and so busy that we can’t see straight!…..ahhhhh I can dream right?

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