The big reveal!

Here it is! It was a big hit at the shower!
I will hopefully have some action shots soon. Carlos, cough, cough. :)
These are my regular bedroom/iPhone photo shoot pictures.

Love the skirt!


Here is the whole dress:


The bodice is nice too!


Found these perfect shoes at dsw on sale for $12!


I had such a great time. Thank you to all of my maids and moms! Love you, mean it! <3


8 thoughts on “The big reveal!

  1. This is incredible Demi. Are you making your own wedding dress? I sure hope you are. When the hell are we going to start a business already?

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I JUST GOT THIS pattern too, but was unsure of what fabric to pick. what fabric did you pick???? LOVELY, Lovely!

    • Thank you so very much! I just picked up a cotton broadcloth at Joann’s. One tip I can give you is: you definitely need 5 yards of whatever fabric you do decide to work with.
      I want to see yours when it’s done!

  3. Did you make this yourself? I would LOVE to know how, would give credit to you of course! Thanks :) Elaina

    • Thank you!
      I used Leanne Marshall’s Simplicity pattern. The number is 1876. It is a really great pattern, I highly recommend it!

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