The Lacie is done!

Three months later! Ha! Planning a wedding has taken over my life but I made sure to make this amazing little number.

Seriously obsessed.

The lace over-dress is New Look 6723. Very easy to adapt to lace and my only annoyance with it is the zipper sticks out because the lace isn’t sturdy enough to hold it.
The under-dress is my go-to sweetheart dress Simplicity 4070. It fits so well and it looks great! The only thing I changed was made the bodice petite. I’m not really noticing much of a difference in where it hits.

I added a ribbon to the bodice to bring one of our wedding colors into it.


My favorite detail is the bottom:

Yup. Love.

This will be my rehearsal dinner dress and since a lot of the guest won’t be there I decided to debut it early! I love it so much it will probably be my travel dress, maybe the airline employees will love it so much that we’ll get upgraded! Can you imagine?! That would be amazing!

5 days (in 15 mins) and the best party of my life will be here!


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