Post-nuptial Nesting

Now that the wedding is a wonderful memory of our past, I have switched my planning and executing of cute ideas to our 3 room apartment.
It all started with rearranging the living room at 9pm on a weeknight. After that the bedroom obviously needed to be rearranged too. I had been putting off buying a new bed because I thought I wanted a king but it just won’t fit in our bedroom right now and we really don’t need one yet. My quest for a new headboard began, I really wanted to find a bed that was off the ground because I have always had a platform bed with no under the bed storage.
I found a pottery barn upholstered headboard and frame on Craigslist for $300 which would have cost $800 straight from the store. (steal!)
It is in great condition and the cover comes off and can be washed. My plans are to cover it with a grey microfiber once I get the fabric, it’s being ordered from Sewfisticated and should be in this week. With a. Higher bed I could also get an end of the be bench and found this great one from Target. I used it today for the first time and it was great. 20121105-093156.jpg
After the dust had settled, I needed somewhere to put all of my shoes. They were either scattered all over the apartment for my lovely husband to trip on or in a pile in the corner of the room. But NOW they’re neatly organized in a skinny Billy shelf from ikea with 5 extra shelves added.
These are all the shoes I own. I got rid of a huge bag of shoes I was holding into for some reason and it was very satisfying.
It fits nicely in between my Malm dresser and my Aspelund armoire.
I also changed the very outdated hardware on my husbands dresser. From 80’s gold plated to a lovely black iron handle. 20121105-085604.jpg (also from ikea)

I got a new duvet cover, bed skirt and sheets and curtains to complete the room.

That should be it!

Now I just need some art on the walls. Art making party anyone?


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