Gingham style

I spent a lovely Monday off in my sewing room (closet) and whipped up a gingham button down! I didn’t realize when I started just how much work a button down can be but I will definitely be making this again. I feel a chambray coming on!

I don’t really plan on wearing it alone because its a little to loud/plain all at the same time. What I do plan on doing is layering it and paring it with existing pieces I have.
Example 1:

I love it under this mustard sweater I got at H&M a few weeks ago.
Example 2:

With a red pencil skirt from Old Navy. I love how retro it looks.

The most challenging part was the collar but mostly because I’ve never done one before so I think the next will be a little easier. The surprisingly easy part was the buttons and buttonholes. I thought they’d take me a long time but I had them all done in about 10 minutes thanks to my buttonhole foot and my machine.
There is a lot of finishing on this shirt so if you don’t like to take your time and not skip any steps this wouldn’t be the best pattern for you. But if you do and you want a button down that fits surprisingly well, go get it! I made view D with the longer sleeves from B in a size 10 it fit pretty perfectly out of the envelope, it’s hard to find one that accommodates the ladies but this one does! I might make it a little longer next time or I’ll try view E because I’d like it to stick out of my sweater a little more.
The next project on my list is a test run for the perfect pencil skirt. I don’t want to cut into my Mood wool without a perfect fit.
Happy week!


3 thoughts on “Gingham style

  1. This is one of my next projects and I usually need to make a FBA to accommodate the girls. So you didn’t think this was neccessary with this pattern?

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