December 2012

The Christmas present-making craziness is over so I am able to blog again! My better half and I split a new Canon T3i and are having a great time figuring it out. Now I have good quality pictures to share, instead of my iphone mirror selfies. The only downside is that it adds a step when blogging and because of that I have waited until now to share what I have been up this past month.

Okay, onto the sewing projects I have done:

A black maxi!

McCalls 6654


This is my current favorite way to wear it. It’s easy and very comfy!
The pattern was very easy once the slippery knit I chose was all cut out.

A pink party dress!

Simplicity’s Cynthia Rowley 2406IMG_0749IMG_0751


A peplum shirt!

Vogue 8815.


The fit is amazing but I’m going to either make a new one or move the zipper to the side is on this one. It’s a little snug going over the girls but it makes the fit much better. Please excuse the wrinkles :)

Crazy pants!
New Look 6058.IMG_0757IMG_0756



I have been wanting “crazy pants” and could not find a print I liked. Yesterday I went Joann’s for the McCalls sale and I found this fabric and immediately saw them in my wardrobe. I made these and the peplum shirt in 6 hours before we went to my brothers NYE party! That’s almost project runway status. I even pre-washed everything! I have a few adjustments to make but I am so happy with the way they came out. Yay crazy pants!

A shirt for Mahjah!

New look 0140.

She doesn’t know its for her yet, but it is! Very easy and quick to put together. This one was a test for some Mood fabric I have been scared to cut into but now that I know its a good shirt I will be taking the first cut soon. Every seam is French seamed and it looks so good. If it didn’t take so much longer I would do it to everything! Or maybe it’s time for a serger… :D

A sparkle skirt!
IMG_0727IMG_0729I drafted the pattern myself and added a wide elastic to the top so I can pull it on/off with no zipper! Sequins are cute but I think this is my last time working with them, it is quite frustrating and the fabric was expensive!

There you have it, my last month of sewing all nicely bundled together.

Let’s not do that again. I have lots of plans for the year coming up and can’t wait to see what adventures sewing and life have planned for me!

Happy new year!



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