Recent successes!

Best email!

I had my first Etsy sale! A girl from Brooklyn ordered a large cooler bag for a trip she is taking. Last night I received a new custom order for a woman’s husband, who wants a lunch bag but a “manly” one. I have been wanting to make a manly lunch bag but haven’t had any interest, now I can!
I can’t believe it’s actually taking off, I’m so excited to see how far my bags travel and how much joy they bring to others and their lunches.

In other news:
• This is my 100th post, better make it good, right?
• I’m going back to school at Quincy College this summer, it’s overwhelming but I am so happy to get back into it. Did you know the age range is 13 to 78? I want to meet the youngest and the oldest person enrolled.
• My 27th birthday is in 3 weeks. Where should I go for dinner?!
• I crocheted my very first blanket this past week.

Bren calls it the “crazy blanket” it is a little crazy but it’s SO warm and comfy because its made from super soft cotton thread.
• I have been obsessed with Bob’s Red Mill gluten free treats. This week I made cinnamon rolls that were both time intensive and delicious.

• I have been doing yoga and have come to look forward to Wednesdays for that reason.
Happy Wednesday!


One thought on “Recent successes!

  1. Congratulations! I’ve thought about opening an etsy site as well but I am a teacher and dn e much time to do custom orders right now… Maybe this summer. Have an awesome bday and much luck at your we college :)

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