The couch dress!


School has me super busy but we had a Mad Men themed 30th birthday party to attend and I HAD to make a dress for it. This year 4 of our friends will be turing the big 3-oh! I used New Look 6723 and added pockets to it. I found the fabric at Sewfisticated in Dorchester for a whopping $12 for 2 yards of this beautiful upholstery weight fabric. I got my inspiration from this pin and I think I nailed it.

The weight of the fabric makes the skirt look amazing at the cost of 3 needles and now machine may need a tune up but look at this dress! Totally worth it. I plan on using this as my Christmas dress this year and wearing it as much as possible without looking silly.


Thank you for letting us have a photo shoot in your front yard, Jonathan! Happy Birthday!Image

Look how cute my hub looks!Image

Happy 30th Birthday Dave!


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