2 shirts! (& pork)

School has slowed a bit after mid terms and I have jumped all over the opportunity to get back in my sewing room! I’ve also been cooking more which makes my belly happy.

Let’s share, shall we?

I saw this pin and HAD TO make it.
Then I was perusing Joann’s and came across this pattern:

After getting way too excited than is acceptable when alone in the store I drove home and went to town. I ignored the pleat in the front and ran out fleece (I only had a yard) to make the cowl as wide as the pattern.

Here was the original sweater after I was done but the bottom was just not doing it for me. I was going to change the top to match the pin but I’m liking it close- it’s cozy!


Then here is the bottom with the tighter band change:

MUCH better. It feels less tent-y. I wore it so many times in a row that I’ve made myself take a break but I can’t wait to put it back on as soon as it cleans.

I had the urge to make another shirt and found this fabric on sale for $5/yard and was drawn to the print.


You may recognize the pattern, I used a version of it for my shirt for Mahj
I french seamed it again and think it’s going into a heavy rotation in my wardrobe.

And food?
I made my first BBQ sauce and it is easy and delicious! I used this Paleo recipe for both the pork and sauce. 10 hours later we had a lovely little dinner. I also froze leftovers and will be eating it for a few days. Score!


Back to the sewing room!


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