Beautiful notebooks tutorial

Spring semester is just around the corner and I wanted to show you how to jazz up your notebooks!
I found these notebooks a few months ago for 75 cents at Target so I grabbed a bunch. I also had this scrapbook paper from my binder makeover so I used it to make my notebooks beautiful.

I tried several different methods and found one that worked perfectly every time.
First pick your paper, grab some mod podge and your notebooks and prepare to get a little sticky.

I tried to put paper on without taking the notebook apart but didn’t like how it came out so the first step is to straighten both ends of your notebook spiral

Then twist the spiral off and set it aside along with the paper.

Next lay the paper fancy side down and line up 2 edges with the straight sides of the paper. Fold the top down and the side over.

Grab your mod podge and glue the flaps down. I glued the top flap then folded it down then glued and pulled the side flap over tightly. Then flip the cover over and glue the remaining edges.

Repeat on the other side of the notebook.
Now it’s time to reassemble!
To make it easier for the spiral to go through I used a pin to pre-poke the holes. I left the 3 ring binder holes closed because I don’t plan on using them.

Place the paper back inside the notebook covers and line up all the little holes. Twist the spiral back on the notebook and voila!

Beautiful notebooks!

These took no time at all once I found this technique. I tried to glue to whole page but it got bumpy and warped which I was not happy with. But this method stays nice and smooth. I’ll let you know how they hold up once the semester is done!


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