Cripple status

After dislocating my knee cap in the beginning of this month my life looks much different than it used to. I am currently working hard in physical therapy and will have a follow up orthopedic appointment in May to see if surgery is necessary. I suppose I should go into how it happened…
It all began 30 years ago when my husband was born- just kidding, kind of.

It did happen on his birthday. I had a lovely weekend planned for Bren and I to go skiing at Wachusett to celebrate his 30th. We were going to ski all day, check into the inn, have a nice quiet dinner and visit the brewery the next day. I had been skiing once before and basically fell down the mountain but was excited to get back on skis to try again. We were on our 5th run on the easiest blue trail and about 20 feet from the bottom my ski got stuck in the icy March snow and instead of my ski popping off of my boot, my knee popped out of its socket.

Yes it hurt and yes I got to ride in the sled down. After an X-ray I was sent home and called back six days later for an MRI which came back with a diagnosis of a dislocated knee cap, a small meniscus tear and bruised bones. I was sent home with a brace and told to try to walk on it and resume my daily life.

I’m in a love/hate relationship with my brace. I have to wear it ALL the time so I hate it but it’s keeping my kneecap in the right spot so I’ll live with it. The swelling is almost completely gone and I have been cleared for stairs but not for yoga just yet. I miss yoga so very much. I promise not to skip a class once I’m cleared to go back.
My very active life has been forced to slow which has freed me up for a lot more reading and Netflix. I finished all of Scandal and am working on Weeds, they’re both great if you have lots of time to kill. I have read two books in the last three weeks which is record for me. I normally have lots of time to read in the summer but not as much throughout the year. My pen pals and I have started a little book club and I thought it was a great opportunity to start doing reviews so that I can look back on what I’ve read, and what I liked or disliked. True story- I have bought (and read) the same book twice not realizing it until I put them in our bookshelf after moving.
I just finished This is where I leave you by Jonathan Tropper.
Review coming tomorrow, stay tuned!


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