More from Demi

Can you believe it’s been three years?!

I have definitely learned a lot these past years and hope to refine my skills even more in the years to come. School has me busier than ever but I will still continue to create as much as possible and although some didn’t quite work out as planned, in the end it’s such an amazing feeling to be able to walk out in a dress you have made yourself. I highly recommend it! Grab a pattern and some fabric and get sewing, seriously thats all you need to start!

I hope you enjoy following my adventures as much as I like having them.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “More from Demi

  1. Demi, I love what you made. I enjoy sewing as well and have made quilts, kindle quilted covers and recenty bought a great pattern for embellishing sweatshirts into beautiful works of art. I also have a pattern for clutches.
    You probably don’t remember me. I met you when you were just a little girl. Your mother is my first cousin – making you a cousin once-removed. My mom and your grandmother were sisters.
    Good luck on your endeavors. Minnie

    • Minnie- Sorry to keep you waiting, I just noticed this message!

      That’s so great you found my blog, and thank you! Your name sounds familiar and I’m sure if we met again I would remember.

      I really love to sew and I feel so calm and at peace (until I make a silly mistake, but that’s life). Sewing must run in the family. Everyone always tells me my Grandma would be so proud.

      Hope to talk soon and please feel free to comment anytime!

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